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WHAT? possessed me?? Black 15/0s (save 50%)

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Image of WHAT? possessed me?? Black 15/0s (save 50%)
  • Image of WHAT? possessed me?? Black 15/0s (save 50%)
  • Image of WHAT? possessed me?? Black 15/0s (save 50%)

If anyone knows why I just found a whole kilo of these beads, let me know? Must have been an ordering mistake or I had a project in mind, because a kilo of this size bead is a ridiculous lot of stock sitting there. Whatever would have POSSESSED ME to have ordered this many ... ?

They are sold in 5g lots for $6, so this deal is for a 10 gram lot, for the price of 5 grams, so you save 50%. In other words, you get 5g FREE.
CORRECTION: They are sold in 5 gram lots for $3, so the deal is actually for 20 grams for the price of 10 grams. So ... who knows what possesses me when I do stuff! I came to work this afternoon to find Cassie sitting there scratching her head to try and work out what I had done. Poor girl couldn't work out my thinking!

The light shining on this photo has made them look weird. They are actually just a straight black opaque. So solid black and lovely and shiny.

1 gram of these beads gives you about 300 beads. 10 grams will give you 3,000. We have lots of patterns that use this size, including our Twist patterns and a few others. I will rake up the patterns and put them on for tomorrow's deal - they will be downloadable, so you won't need to worry about wasted postage.

These little tiny beads are the smallest of the small. They measure about 1mm with quite a large sized hole for the size! They are Japanese, which means they are top of the range for uniformity which is very necessary when weaving with beads.

If you don't bead weave, you can still use them as spacers, fillers, or even sprinkle them onto glue for projects.

Water proof glass beads, I've never known them to lose their colouring, so fabulous for fabric embellishments. Quilters, sewers, patchworkers etc.

Mini Mini of the Miniest eyes for tiny miniature dolls and bears, or I've even seen them used by taxidermists (but I'm sure none of you have that craft - it's not a Musthavecraft is it? Please tell me no it's not LOL)