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Thin Rattan Hoops for Wreaths (save 50%)

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Image of Thin Rattan Hoops for Wreaths (save 50%)
  • Image of Thin Rattan Hoops for Wreaths (save 50%)

It's practically not done here to put these hoops on special, but for our Musthavecrafters who Musthaveawreath for Christmas, these could be quite important!

The postage will be tricky - the system will add on $1 for each hoop as I can only go 2cm thick with the envelope. I will put them inside each other if you order different sizes, and will make up any overpaid postage with extras, or if it's a fair bit, a refund.

The photo of the rattan with the flower display was made by a 13 year old girl in Tasmania. Isn't it amazing!? You will probably at this time of year want to make wreaths, or decorations, and keep your eyes on the prize here at Musthavecraft because the next few days will be bringing a few things you might like to add to these hoops!

Three sizes on sale, 11cm, 15cm and 20cm. Please note that the rings are hand made and therefore can vary quite a bit in size.

The hoops are roughly 8mm to 10mm thick.