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STAINLESS STEEL! 15 x Large Hole Beads (save 50%)

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Image of STAINLESS STEEL! 15 x Large Hole Beads (save 50%)
  • Image of STAINLESS STEEL! 15 x Large Hole Beads (save 50%)

These beads are amazing! smooth, shiny and completely stainless steel! Heavy quality enough for hard jobs like holding ropes, tassels, using in the garage for weird things to fix. Sometimes you just need weird.

However on the normal front, they are great for macrame and wall art, because of the large threading holes. Being stainless they are great quality and should not rust (think of stainless steel sinks - they don't rust).

Decorate a cord on an old bag you are refreshing, or put them in your dreadlocks if you have those in your hair LOL, these types of beads are highly sought after, and not often seen!

Fellows who wear cord and/or leather bracelets or necklaces - these are perfect accompaniments to a pendant - say a shark's tooth or medallion. They will even take multiple strands of leather!

The sides are quite thin. The bead is 8mm across, 4.5mm deep and the threading hole is 6mm. This means the sides are only 1mm thick, however they are still really strong!

I'm doing small packets of 15, because you may not want a lot of these, just a few in case you have the job for them!