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Spectacle Lanyard Fittings (save 50%)

$2.50 On sale

Image of Spectacle Lanyard Fittings (save 50%)
  • Image of Spectacle Lanyard Fittings (save 50%)

Adjustable clear silicone eyeglass holders fit most sizes and styles of eyeglass frames. The spring section can be slipped along the silicone to be firmer against the arms of the spec.

Great for making beaded eyeglass necklaces - so easy to wear and you don't keep losing track of where you put your specs!

Grab some wire or thread, put pretty beads all along, and make it to the length you would love your specs to hang. You will be so glad you don't lose your glasses anymore! Make great gifts for your crafty friends!

There is an option to buy 10 x wire guardians also. You will see from the photo how they are threaded through. If you put this wire guardian around your silicone fitting, the wire won't cut through. The wire needs be be a fairly fine wire, not a great bit hunker of a wire LOL. You could also use a variety of threads through these guardians.

Deal 1: 10 x Spectacle Fittings (5 pairs)

Deal 2: 10 x Wire Guardians (no discount on these - just for your convenience to go with the silicone fittings)