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Semi-Precious Stone Chips - Pack of 100 (save 35%)

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Image of Semi-Precious Stone Chips - Pack of 100 (save 35%)

100 little pieces of stone in this deal.

They have holes drilled through them, so you can wire them onto craft projects with thin wire, or bead them, or hang them, or just keep them in a bowl to play with and look at.

My kids used to collect these, and we had them in the cupboard and always enjoyed looking at them and going through them!

Give them a wash in salted water then rinse in clear water if you want to cleanse them.

You'll get all sorts of colours, shapes and sizes in this mixed bag of beads.

I'm still overseas, so can't get photos of our own beads, so I've borrowed a photo from the internet to give you an idea of what our beads look like. This is a pretty close replica of what we have for you in this deal.

Pieces are up to about 8mm across.