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Pretty Hangers & Mobiles (save 50-75%)

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Image of Pretty Hangers & Mobiles (save 50-75%)
  • Image of Pretty Hangers & Mobiles (save 50-75%)
  • Image of Pretty Hangers & Mobiles (save 50-75%)
  • Image of Pretty Hangers & Mobiles (save 50-75%)

These are just newly arrived in as I'm getting some very girly stuff for the shop (sorry boys).

Are you looking for something economical to post over the borders instead of visiting the little girls in your life? Or a birthday present or stocking stuffer? Here are a couple of deals just for this purpose!

Glitter, bows, flowers & wings with a pretty smile - that's our cute heart hangers!

Deal 1: Cute heart hanger with Fairy in PINK (RRP $9.95)
The heart measures 21x22cm and the overall length is about 75cm. The little Fairy inside is pretty cute. I think a little girl would love this as a gift or stocking stuffer, and it's easy to post (and economical) because it can go as a large letter size envelope.

Deal 2: Cute heart hanger with Fairy in PURPLE (RRP $9.95)
Same description as above.

A little more grown up, and shiny, with beautiful lacy fairies, that's our Silver Hanger.

Deal 3: Silver 4 strand hanger with Fairies & Hearts (RRP $19.80 but save 75% on these ones as I purchased them on a bargain price)
This isn't really a musical wind chime, but rather more an eyecatching hanger which would reflect the light. The filigree flying fairies are really nice, but I have to say the hearts seem to have a few bubbles in the coating. It actually adds to the effect I think, but I'm not sure it's supposed to be there. I bought these on special, so it might be why. However, the special is passing on to you girls, so I'm sure no-one is going to worry. Once again, economical to post as it is under 2cm and will go in a large letter envelope.

If you are in New Zealand and wish to purchase, please email me for a quote on postage. I don't think it would be overwhelmingly high, but it would depend on how many items etc.