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Patterns using 15/0 Seed Beads (save 75%)

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Image of Patterns using 15/0 Seed Beads (save 75%)
  • Image of Patterns using 15/0 Seed Beads (save 75%)
  • Image of Patterns using 15/0 Seed Beads (save 75%)

These necklace patterns are usually $5 each on our Bead Shack website, but today for Musthavecrafters, they are just $1.30. That's $1 for us, 30c to Paypal for transaction fee, and you save $3.70. Sound like a fair deal? There is no postage involved. Should you buy one or more of the patterns, they will be emailed to your email address provided on the order, within hopefully 24 hours. Let us know if you haven't received it in a timely manner, because sometimes a pattern might go to your spam folder, or not go through to you if your files are too full.

The black/gold necklace is our DNA pattern, and uses 3mm bugle beads along with the 15/0 beads like we had on yesterday's deal. Suitable for Beginners - Intermediate. This necklace is so light you will be unsure that it is still on!

The silver/gold necklace is our Twisting Necklace pattern, and you can do it all in the black 15/0 from yesterday, or use any other bead you like as long as they are the same size. Looks great with silver/black or gold/black, red/black is also popular. This pattern is also classed as Beginner to Intermediate.

The green necklace with the Knot at the front is called Celtic Knot Necklace, and is for ADVANCED BEADERS or someone who wants to give a more advanced pattern a go. It uses a stitch called Cubic Right Angle Weave, and if you can master this stitch, you will be so amazed with yourself and so proud (I know I was!). The pattern uses 12/0 or 11/0 beads, but this pattern will work just as well with 15/0 if you have good eyesight and can see the black (from yesterday's deal) or you may have other colours of 15s in your stash.

There are various other patterns that we have that use a few 15/0, too many to list here, but they make a great turning bead, so always great to hand that size on hand.