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Nipper/Cutter Tool (Handmade) - (save 50%)

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Image of Nipper/Cutter Tool (Handmade) - (save 50%)

It's a matter of choice, but I happen to love this tool. Let me tell you about it.

It is handmade in a little village near Ubud in Bali. I saw the Silversmiths using it in amongst their tools of trade, and thought it looks quite different. They actually handmake them! So they would be following a traditional design I reckon!

Anyway, they stay sharp enough to cut paper, even after having used them on a thin sheet of silver. I keep a pair in my drawer to cut chains, headpins etc and I dearly love them.

They stay sharp long after other tools have given up home. However unlike other modern cutters for beading and crafting, these can be sharpened!

Also, being handmade, that button looking dot that keeps them together is some kind of rivet thing (you'll have to ask a bloke for more info on that one) but you kind of can give it a hit with a hammer somehow to keep it nice and tight, should it work loose with time.

Anyway, I love them, and hope you love them too. Going out today at a whopping 50% off, I'm happy to list 10 of these to the first people who grab them, at this price.

New Zealand - once again, sorry not available for overseas posting. I don't know what customs would think of us! LOL