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Natural Handmade Hoops - New Size! (save 20%)

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Image of Natural Handmade Hoops - New Size! (save 20%)
  • Image of Natural Handmade Hoops - New Size! (save 20%)

New size now arrived!

Nowhere else have we seen rings like this at such an affordable price.

You are buying 1 totally natural hoop, handmade in a time honoured fashion in Indonesia by villagers (we love giving small villagers meaningful employment) and these hoops are also totally recyclable as well as ethical to the environment.

Paint it, leave it natural, smother it in ribbons, flowers, ropes, make a wall hanging, a Christmas wreath, a floral wreath, a birthday gift for a friend, a new decoration for your bedroom, make unusual creations for something different on your market stall. So many uses for these bamboo hoops.

These types of hoops are trending at the moment, and they are SO hard to find! They are also the same style of hoops that are often used to hold up bed netted curtains to stop mosquitoes.

Size 11cm - 11.5cm outside diameter, 10cm inside diameter.

Each hoop is unique, and some are slightly different shades.