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MINIATURE Paper Flowers & Leaves (save 50%)

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Image of MINIATURE Paper Flowers & Leaves (save 50%)

This was pretty funny when they arrived. I read Manicure as Miniature, and didn't realise the flowers were so tiny. They are beautiful, so beautiful, and really pretty colours, but so so tiny. Do you make cards or decorations using this type of thing?

I made a granddaughter a floating locket (see one of our other listings) using these flowers and some little crystals in amongst them. Then superglued the locket closed LOL

A little bit of glue and some imagination, and you could decorate anything with them - even your nails!

Sizes are 5~9x4~7x0.1mm; and there are about 50pcs in funky little screw top container. I love them for the container alone let alone the flowers!!