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Metallic Cord * $1 for 10m * (save 80%)

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Image of Metallic Cord * $1 for 10m * (save 80%)

With christmas approaching, this would make a great gift wrapping addition. About 1mm thick, you will love this cord for hanging decorations, sun catchers, adding to embellishments for craft projects, for some sparkle in among your Kumihimo cords and weaving projects, and for all those things that need just a touch of shiny!

HOWEVER - our gold was very faded on the outside of the new reel. The reel is around 20 years old from our warehouse clearance we did years ago. Isn't it amazing that the old stuff is such good quality it is still as good as when it was made.

SO - the deal today is for 10m of string that kind of goes from light gold to silver here and there. BARGAIN!!