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I call them Witches Hats Bead Cones (save 70%)

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Shop soiled - some within the bag are a little bit discoloured. We don't know why this has happened, but they are old stock from when we were travelling around. Most of the cones are okay. I thought I'd offer them to our Musthavecrafters in case you musthave something like this in your stash!

Use for ending on tassels or decorations, as a cap on a long drop for an earring or pendant etc. Gather cords together and attach to an eyepin, then thread the eyepin through the cone (largest end to smallest) and the cord ends will all hide within the cone. A neat way to finish a multi-strand necklace or other project that includes multiple threads, eg Kumihimo or crochet ropes.

You may also want to make a witch and give her a hat! I'm wondering if these can be painted in nail polish or some kind of enamel paint to cover up the few tarnished parts. When I say tarnished, they have a few parts, mainly on the pointy ends, that look a bit goldish. There is a photo of a packet with the pen pointing to the problem.

At this price, I'm sure you will be able to salvage most of them. They actually sell, retail, singly, for $1.30 each in the shop!! They are a really expensive finding, and I don't want to have to throw them in the rubbish ...

40mm long by 10mm wide with a 1mm threading hole. This filigree cone is shaped like a witch's hat. The cones are brass based metal, with a superb silver or gold coating over the top with an annealed surface. This basically means the coating won't peal off, and that the caps are bendable without snapping, and of great quality!