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HEISHI CUT Stone Beads (save 40%)

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Image of HEISHI CUT Stone Beads (save 40%)
  • Image of HEISHI CUT Stone Beads (save 40%)

A cut on a bead like this, straight through like slicing a sausage, is called a Heishi cut. They are really hard to find. Heishi sounds kind of mystical doesn't it?

I've managed to find turquoise and cream colour, but they are not proper turquoise. Rather they use a different stone and dye it to be the colour of turquoise, as the blue stone is so expensive. Still a nice result and these beads will look brilliant together in a bracelet or necklace, or strung on a suncatcher, keyring, earrings, or sewn onto your embellishing.

The pieces are approximately 4mm across by 2mm thick, and the threading hole is about 1mm. A 1mm hole is great because stones often only have a really really thin hole!

Each deal is for 100 pieces.