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Hatpins - Damaged Stock (save 80%)

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These hat pins are old stock, and used to sell for $1 a pin. They are brass based, and extremely strong (the new stock these days is much more flexible than these ones).

Card makers in particular always loved these pins when we took them to the craft shows. They would bead them up, and pop them through a card to a friend for a very posh wearable decoration!

We use these for hatpins, well we did with the previous stock, but this remaining stock has a few marks on them. I can hardly see it with my eyesight, which is failing a bit these days, but I know that it doesn't quite look right. When I put my up close goggles on, I can see specks which I think may come off with a cleaner - maybe brasso?

Anyway, I thought you might be interested in using up this old stock rather than me having to discard into the rubbish (the pain of doing that!! horror!!).

We have been also using them at the shop for a thin mandrel to make holes in the clay beads, as well as using to poke and prod the clay, make patterns and holes etc.

I have a wonderful customer who is a maniac on making beaded icicles for Christmas gifts for all of her family every year, and she does a colour scheme each year, I think. If these are covered in beads you would never be able to tell there was a mark on them.

So I think from just my few suggestions, you will realise that you will have yourself a bargain with today's deal, so don't delay!

Deal is for 10 x gold pins (with marks) for $2 instead of $10. They are coming to you alone, with no caps or silicone stoppers. Just the pins. And of course the beads in the photo are not coming with the pins either!! You just get pins!