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Hatpin Kit Clearance - only 6 packs (save 40%)

$7.20 On sale

Image of Hatpin Kit Clearance - only 6 packs (save 40%)
  • Image of Hatpin Kit Clearance - only 6 packs (save 40%)
  • Image of Hatpin Kit Clearance - only 6 packs (save 40%)
  • Image of Hatpin Kit Clearance - only 6 packs (save 40%)
  • Image of Hatpin Kit Clearance - only 6 packs (save 40%)

Packs of 6 hatpins - they are so so easy to make! Just design how you want the beads to look then thread them onto a pin.

Why not make them up and you will have 6 separate little gifties to use for your crafting groups Christmas gift giving, or to decorate around the house, or use them in your cardmaking ... give a wearable gift along with a handmade card for your family and friends - especially if you need to post gifts, as these fit within the 2cm limit on a large letter sized envelope with Australia Post! A fabulous and economical little gift if you want to post something!

We have 6 kits of hatpins left in stock, and would like to move them out. As we have run out of silver hatpins for the foreseeable future, we may as well sell off the last of the kits as well! There is only 1 of each kit left as in the photos, except kit 4, of which we have 2.

All kits come with the strong hatpins, which are about 115mm in length, with the safely cap included. Also, you will find little silicone stopper beads in the kits, which you push up the pin as the last thing, and this is the secret to holding all the beads in place, without using glue! ~~~ Actually people are always after these little silicone pieces, as they are also for the backs of earrings to keep them in place in your ears, or especially great for your market stand earrings that you are selling. Also saves them from being lost or easily stolen! So we will list a few of these packs at 40% off also. This makes them go from $4 down to $2.40.

If you use long headpins to make hatpin style gift cards, you can use them on those headpins as well - so much less messy than glue!

No. 1 Kit is a $12 kit reduced down to $7.20. The picture shows the front of the kit. It has lots of feature beads and little bits and pieces for embellishment.

No. 2 Kit is a $15 kit reduced down to $9. (The picture for this one is the back page of the kit instructions.) It has silver pins, with lampwork beads and lots of crystal and pearly beads and embellishments.

No. 3 Kit is a gold pack that makes little pretty coloured fairies sitting on the top. Keep the colours as they are in the picture, or get creative and swap them all around! It's a $12 kit reduced down to $7.20.

No. 4 Kit. We have 2 of these kits on offer, which are $12 down to $7.20. As you can see from the picture, they make cute little pearl angels with clear wings. Both kits are in gold.

No. 5 Kit. This is a $15 kit reduced down to $9. It has silver embellishments, and pearl and lampwork beads with crystal and other little embellishments to go with the feature beads.

No. 6 - Pack of 100 silicone stoppers. Regularly $4 for a pack of 100 pieces, now just $2.40 after the 40% discount.

Postage Note: New Zealanders, please note that the mail has been taking up to 1 month to arrive. This has been the case for at least a year. So sorry about that, but they should certainly arrive in time for Christmas making.