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Pins Deal (save 50%) - prices from $1.70

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Image of Pins Deal (save 50%) - prices from $1.70
  • Image of Pins Deal (save 50%) - prices from $1.70
  • Image of Pins Deal (save 50%) - prices from $1.70

We have a glut of these in the shop at the moment, so I thought I'd share some of the ones that we had heaps of packed up. And only 2 of the choices are dusty! I'm getting on top of this now. Who would have thought that before we moved 3 years ago the dirt from roadworks would have affected our stock so much??!!

50 x Fine Headpins Gold - These gorgeous high quality pins are very strong, extra fine and straight! These are the fine pins you need to thread on 3mm Swarovski crystals, or pearls with small holes etc. If you are using stone beads with very small holes, you can use these pins to wire wrap the stones in place too. Always there will come a time when you need a fine piece of wire to finish a job. RRP $7.35 - now $3.65

200 x 16mm Eyepin Gold - These are excellent for those jobs where you want to link small beads together. Saves on wastage, time, and your hands because you don't have to chop excess off! RRP $8.90 - now $4.45 with free dust.

200 x 13mm Eyepin Gold - Same as above, but only really small beads like a tiny crystal or a large seed bead. RRP $7.65 - now $3.80 + free dust.

50 x 19mm Fine Eyepins - Same as above for convenience, but these are actually aluminium. Being aluminium means they will not be affected by things that make normal metal stuff tarnish. Think rosary beads that you want to last for generations, and these are your pins!! I love them too because they are extra soft, without peeling or snapping. They are great quality, as are all of our pins. RRP $3.40 - now $1.70.

By the way. these headpins, from Bead Shack, come to you usable and straight. Sometimes when you purchase pins they come looking like those pins our grannies used to hold their curlers in their hair with!

Our pack of 50 hand sorted pins are usually $7.35 but today buy them for just $4.