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Elonga the Amazing Elastic! (save 20%)

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Image of Elonga the Amazing Elastic! (save 20%)
  • Image of Elonga the Amazing Elastic! (save 20%)
  • Image of Elonga the Amazing Elastic! (save 20%)

We haven't had this on for ages and I'm sure our Must Have Crafters will need to re stock on this Must Have item!

We use Beadalon Elonga because it is the strongest and safest that I have found. Elonga is made exclusively for Beadalon (from United States). This is what they say: "This unique stringing material is made up of several individual stretch strands bonded together for superior elastic properties. The multi-strand construction of Elonga gives a soft, silky drape and is ideal for lightweight beads..." I personally love Elonga because it gives you a warning when the item needs re-threading. It 'sends out' little frayed pieces, which lets you know to re-string. Some other types of stretch elastic just 'pop' with no warning, and your beads can get lost. That isn't ideal if you have strung expensive crystals, pearls etc on your elastic! If you just want some all-round elastic for lots of different applications, choose the .07mm and if the beads are a bit heavy, you can always run a second thread through. For hard to thread beads, or bad eyesight and co-ordination, try using a 'Collapsible Eye Needle' from our Beadalon section. You'll be amazed!

Bead Shack sells Elonga on 5m cards, in three sizes: .03mm, .07mm, and 1mm. When choosing your size, consider the size of the hole in your beads.