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DUMMY CLIPS (save 25%)

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Image of DUMMY CLIPS (save 25%)
  • Image of DUMMY CLIPS (save 25%)
  • Image of DUMMY CLIPS (save 25%)
  • Image of DUMMY CLIPS (save 25%)
  • Image of DUMMY CLIPS (save 25%)

Edit//One of the photos shows how they are made. The dummy (or whatever) joins to the end like where the loop of white cord is. The clip that is made of wood, that this deal is for, attaches to the clothes.

You see made up dummy holders everywhere in the world, but where would you go to create your own design? Here of course! Make items such as dummy keeper strings, but how about using these for the elderly in your life? Attach a strand of beads (silicone is the preferred bead for these) and knot on a hanky or an alarm etc to save it from dropping to the floor or becoming lost!

Make your own strand of beads for attaching to this top of the range highest quality dummy clip. My daughter Erin about 6 years ago became one of the very first in the world to make herself a business with mummy/baby accessories, and to this day runs a very successful outfit that sells worldwide including countries like Brazil, Canada, France, Ireland - well you get the drift. Yes yes, I'm very proud of her.

Anyway, this is from her stock. Erin follows the most stringent rules that she actually puts onto herself, to use only highest quality and safe materials. The raw wood is actually a bit of an anti bacterial thing I believe (think of your wood cutting boards from years gone by). Raw wood is also extremely modern, and of course there's no paint that can be chewed off either!

Now you can use this for other purposes, but of course you MUST MAKE IT SAFE!! I am imaging you could use it for aged care, but follow the duty of care rules and if you are not sure, check with nurses or staff members of homes or whoever you receive advice from. As in, don't make the beaded length, or cord, long so that it becomes a choking hazard. Could be used to hold lightweight items such as a hanky, an alarm etc. Anyway, I can see use for them in lots of places other than for dummies for babies!

Each deal is for 1 x DUMMY CLIP

Stainless Steel & Raw Beech Wood (Kiln Dried)

Australian Safety Standard Compliant

Measurements -

- Wood front is about 35mm across (diameter) & about 12mm thick in the centre of the domed top.
- 3 holes in wood are about 4.5mm.
- Overall length of clip, including the stainless steel loop is 52-53mm.
- Hard plastic 'teeth' inside the clip is 10mm x 10mm with ridges about 2.5mm high.
- Stainless steel clip is about 23.5mm long x 13mm wide

Details - The stainless steel clip has a flat section that is inset into the wood, and screwed into place. To open, lift the whole metal section away from the base. This then opens the plastic grip within the fitting, which is where it pegs onto it's purchase - clothing, bib etc.


Check products integrity before each use. Look for damage and throw away at first sign of wear.

For use with dummy/soother only. This is not a teething aid.

Attach only to thin materials inside/shirt. Use on thick materials will wear clasp out quickly.

Use only under competent adult supervision. Do not allow baby to sleep with holder attached. Remove if baby is in cot, high chair, car seat.

Wash in warm soapy water and allow to air dry.

Complies with Australian Safety Standards.