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Chain Links - great for lots of crafts! (save 90%)

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Image of Chain Links - great for lots of crafts! (save 90%)
  • Image of Chain Links - great for lots of crafts! (save 90%)
  • Image of Chain Links - great for lots of crafts! (save 90%)

I know, I know, this deal sounds weird - to buy a chain that has black spots on it. But the spots are only in a few places. Read on:

These chains are fabulous - such a great shaped link. However, from storage for so long (they are about 20 years old) there are a few marks here and there along the length, but I thought if they were broken up the links could be used for different projects. You will see in the close up photo the black spots.

The shape reminds me so much of a chain you would see at a wharf near a beach, so I thought they would be great for any sea themed project or paper page etc. You may also like to put some on a box with a closure, or link together some beads with the chain in between the links of beads as a great feature! I was thinking you could make bead links, and them link them together with two or three links of the gold chain. I see lots of jewellery made this way and I just popped a red bead onto the photo to give you the idea.

You will need heavy pliers or strong hands to get these links apart. I would suggest old pliers, and open the links rather than cut through them.

Each chain weights about 40 grams, so it's quite chunky. Outside diameter of the chain links is 10mm x 8mm and the links are about 1.5mm thick. Each chain should be about 56cm in length, but they might vary - I haven't measured them individually.

It's a tragedy that they have some marks on them so can't be sold, as the quality is amazing. I wouldn't be surprised if they are the old form of how they made 'gold filled', however they can't be called that now because they don't fit the modern profile of 'gold filled'. They are about 20 years old, so we can't be sure what they are.

I sure hope you can use them; about 2/3 to 3/4 of the links have nothing wrong with them!