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Birdie Brass Bells (save 50%)

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Image of Birdie Brass Bells (save 50%)
  • Image of Birdie Brass Bells (save 50%)

Brass Birdie Bell Pendants, painted in a cream enamel with little red & white wings. These are pudgy, chubby, cute as pie little birdies. And brass bells are SO expensive.

Usually when I buy bells, I cringe because they never have a nice ring to them, if any ring at all!

Size: about 22mm long, 22mm wide, 16mm thick, hole: 2mm.

Yes, these are usually retail price at $6 each, but today save yourself 50%.

What a fun addition to a nursery mobile, or a keyring for a child. Maybe a bird or chook enthusiast! Really, it could be either!