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5-piece Diamond File Set (save 33%)

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Image of 5-piece Diamond File Set (save 33%)

There are 5 pieces in the set each with dipped pvc handles (however I notice that the pvc can slide off so you might want to put a dab of glue in them!)

You receive:

1 x Round

1 x Square

1 x Triangular

1 x Flat

1 x Slightly Curved

These diamond files are intended for use on glass, ceramic or stone beads. Fabulous for filing sharp edges on a glass bead or any crafty item that you find has a burr, reaming out the hole to enlarge it on a wooden bead etc etc. You will find so many uses for this handle tool set, you will want to keep it close by!

Be sure to apply only slow, gentle pressure to avoid breaking or chipping your beads!

Made in China.