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Frequently Asked Questions

We get a variety of questions and comments on a regular basis, so we compiled the most common ones in this F.A.Q.

1. Can I speak with a Musthavecraft.com representative personally?

Yes, for Australia only. Please email your phone number and the best time for us to call you (Australia only) and the reason for the message. New Zealand customers can either ring us, or just converse via email. If you want to ring us, please email first with your reason for the call, and we will email back with a time suitable for you to call us.

2. Can I combine postage?

Yes, if the seller is the same for the deals you wish to purchase, postage will be combined at checkout. No, if sellers are different. Postage for each seller will be applicable. You may need to go through checkout separately for each deal.

3. Why Can't I buy if I live outside Australia and New Zealand?

Because the deals are so cheap, it would not be worth your while to pay high postage on items. However if you really need the item and can’t buy it where you live, please contact us to let us know. We might be able to organise a special deal specifically for you!

4. Can I pick up from the store and save on postage costs?

Yes, if the seller has offered ‘local pick-up’ on the deal. If this option doesn’t show at checkout, it means it is not available for that deal.

5. Can I reserve items from deals if I can't pay on the day?

No. The quantity of items is often limited, and it’s a first-in best-dressed case for all the deals.

6. Can I get the same price if I come to your store?

No. The prices are for Musthavecraft.com only, and will not be applicable if you come to the store of the seller, unless the seller agrees. Often the quantity of stock is solely for the sale via Musthavecraft.com and selling stock from these quantities means there isn’t enough to cover that deal’s orders.

7. Can I to sell through Musthavecraft.com?

Email us at info@musthavecraft.com and let us know some details regarding your business and what you sell. We will then contact you via email or, if you prefer, a telephone call (please email us your phone number).

8. How do I make a Complaint?

Email your complaint to mhc@beadshack.com.au and we will forward your feedback to the person it relates to.

9. Does Musthavecraft.com have a store?

No, only online.

10. Do you offer Refunds?

Musthavecraft.com has a limited responsibility regarding the items sold through it’s website, as all items come from third party Vendors. Generally, items sold will come from Vendors with established reputations in the craft industry. From time to time a new Vendor may be invited to sell through Musthavecraft.com. It is our opinion that most people are kind, conscientious and honest. Should any problem arise in any respect, Musthavecraft.com will be available to mediate, and hopefully help resolve any issues, but Musthavecraft.com cannot take responsibility for financial or material transactions between Customers and Vendors.

11. How long does a deal run for?

Each deal may run for either a few days, possibly up to a week, or until sold out. A deal is removed from the website under the owner’s discretion.

12. Can I order at a later time?

You can contact the Vendor independently for future orders of any product you have purchased. Usually a Vendor will supply their details either through the site, and/or along with the product they post to you.

13. My order hasn't arrived - what can I do?

Firstly, contact Musthavecraft.com via email on info@musthavecraft.com and let us know. We will then check with the Vendor to ensure that all the orders have been posted. If the order has been posted, we can give all and any information that the Vendor supplies to us regarding date of posting, method of posting etc.

14. What if my order is lost in the post?

Unfortunately, things like this can happen from time to time. Unless the item has been sent through Australia Post as a parcel or via a courier, there will be no tracking on your purchase. Musthavecraft.com will not be held responsible for any package lost in the post, regardless of the circumstances. Possibly, you will be able to interact with the Vendor of the lost item to see if the problem can be resolved. If you feel that you live in an area where posted items can go missing, or you have had a problem with receiving post in the past, we suggest you ask the Vendor to register your item. In this case, you will need to pay the Vendor extra for this service, if the option does not appear at checkout.