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Tibetan Look Stuff Today (save 33%)

$2.00 On sale

Image of Tibetan Look Stuff Today (save 33%)
  • Image of Tibetan Look Stuff Today (save 33%)
  • Image of Tibetan Look Stuff Today (save 33%)
  • Image of Tibetan Look Stuff Today (save 33%)
  • Image of Tibetan Look Stuff Today (save 33%)

Tibetan Look metal pieces are so very popular! Even the name seems rather mystical and interesting. However Tibetan is usually meaning the 'look' not where they are actually from.

These items come in packets of 30 pieces, usually $3.00 but discounted by 33% brings them to $2.

I found a whole box of them the other day; we used to make our famous pinwheel bracelets from them! These were the ones that were just pinwheel beads all next to each other, with one or a trio of large pearls. The pearls had the bead caps either side of them to help them stand out. I've included a photo of one of these style bracelets so you can see what I mean.

So here they are, bagged up and ready to move on out!

Use the pinwheel beads as snowflake embellishments on your cards, pages and especially your Christmas wall hangings and ornaments. Or, they are a great bead for spacing and filling when threading your necklaces or room decorations up! The little spokes have a small ball on each end, and look really good separating your feature beads. They are not too noticeable - rather just a small amount of silver or gold showing between your feature beads, which can give a great effect. Sometimes you need something other than a regular round spacer bead!

Use the bead caps in the usual way, to separate a feature bead from all the rest and help it to 'stand alone' and be noticed. Otherwise you could use them to help you make flowers (put a sparkly bead in the centre) and attach them to your handmade projects. Or get creative with them together with other embellishments, on your papercraft. They are a little on the heavy side, so may not be suited for all projects.

So, the deal is, packets of 30 for the bead caps, and packets of 50 for the pinwheel beads, in either antique gold, or antique silver. Choose from the drop down menu.