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Unique Sealife Fimo Pieces (save 50%)

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Image of Unique Sealife Fimo Pieces (save 50%)
  • Image of Unique Sealife Fimo Pieces (save 50%)
  • Image of Unique Sealife Fimo Pieces (save 50%)

These fabulous handmade pendants were made in Capetown, South Africa many years ago. As far as I know, they are at least 20 years old. Yes, they were part of our fabulous warehouse clearance bead haul! We also have round ball shapes, small square shapes and I think there are short cylinder shapes in beads in these patterns too. If you like these ones, I'll try and photograph the others and list them another day.

Two of the beads feature a leaping dolphin, and one features a whale. So hard to believe the intricacy in these pieces. You really are buying something unique and unusual, and no two pieces will be exactly the same!

When you think they are made into long tubes, then sliced, it is truly an amazing art! These old beads have a lovely velvety feel on them, not like the newer machine made versions you see these days.


Oh, and if you don't hear from us for a few days, it's because we are away over the weekend for a 'staff meeting' 3 night cruise - the only place I could think of where no-one would ring us, or kids find us etc. LOL. We may, or may not, have internet access that works!