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Ribbon Ends - 5 colours to choose - (rrp $2 - save 25%)

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Image of Ribbon Ends - 5 colours to choose - (rrp $2 - save 25%)

Ribbon ends in 'funny colours' ... finally! These all measure 20mm long by 5mm deep, and have a threading hole at the centre, which you can use to attach a small ring to a clasp, brooch fitting, ribbon, cord ending etc.

Everyone has been asking me for the 'other colours' in these fittings, so I managed to finally get my hands on a supply of mixed colours (otherwise I have to order zillions of each colour and I don't want to stock that many!!).

If you are a cross-sticher, lace maker, weaver, macrame-er (how would you even say that?!), ribbon user, beader, bookmark maker, you would always need these fittings. People use them to grab onto the ends of the fabric/ribbon/cords. You put the end of the piece/pieces you want to finish off, then squeeze with flat pliers, so that the fitting closes over the fabric. You can see in the picture the little teeth? They grab into the fabric to hold it there.

I've seen lots of people make bracelets, bookmarks, brooches, all sorts of things. You will know if you need these in your life! They are a fitting that can be the answer to your prayers if you've been looking for this type of connection!