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Restock your Split Rings (save 25%)

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  • Image of Restock your Split Rings (save 25%)

Today we have 3 sizes in split rings, in either gold or silver and at this price, stock up your stash ready to have them on hand whenever they are needed!

Use these good quality little rings to attach anything, anywhere. They can be used in jewellery and bead making, card making, papercraft jobs, anywhere you need a little ring for joining. The ring goes around and around (think of a keyring) so they are less likely to come open and then fall off than a different type of ring.

I was just speaking to my supplier of our findings (that's the metal bits and pieces - they're called findings although I don't know why, because usually if you drop them you can't find them!) and we were discussing how the very old (but still new not used) stock that I have just can't be duplicated these days. We are still operating on the stock from a warehouse clearance we did over 10 years ago, and the stock is still as good as day 1! Yes, we are rather proud of our findings quality!

With splitrings, just a note of caution, don't 'over open' them, or you may not be able to get them to 'bounce back' to where they started. Open just enough to slide on your pieces.

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