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Holiday Fun - download Macrame Patterns! (save 50%)

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Image of Holiday Fun - download Macrame Patterns! (save 50%)
  • Image of Holiday Fun - download Macrame Patterns! (save 50%)

Here are a couple of macrame patterns I thought you could enjoy with the kids/grandkids over these holidays on the not so warm days you need to spend inside (or the overhot days you need to get out of the sun - isn't the weather just so strange lately?!).

We will email you the patterns as soon as we get notification of your payment, as in as soon as we see your purchase email come through, within the next few hours. The pattern will arrive to you as a PDF. document. You download it from an email that we send to you, and then you have the file forever.

There is no postage on this purchase.

MACRAME BABY OWL PATTERN (usually $9.95 now $4.95)
Make your very own 'cute as a button' baby owl. Place him on a stick, or in a twisted rattan hoop.

Materials Required: 4mm rope, 2 x 20mm large hole beads for eyes, 2 x 3cm rings to go over eye beads with a bit of room to spare, 1 x longish large hole bead suitable for beak/nose, 2 short sticks, or a hoop for the owl's perch.

Tools Required: Sharp scissors, clip board (optional)

Length of Owl - approximately 20cm + hanger + tail

Level of Difficulty: Beginner to Intermediate

Prior Knowledge: It would be helpful to have a prior knowledge of lark's head, square and clove hitch knotting techniques, but if not, the instructions are included for these knots with diagrams.

MACRAME BUNTING PATTERN (usually $5.00 now $2.50)

This Pattern tutorial comes with comprehensive instructions written in English, with sketches, to create a macrame woven bunting about 3-3.5m long with 5 flags, approximately 10cm wide (length of flags is your choice, up to about 20cm, but this can change according to your tension).

To make this project, you will require about 50 metres of rope, 3-4mm in thickness.

If you've always wanted to try making a macrame, but were unsure where to start, this project is for you! Teenagers and crafty kids from 8 years + could make this too, with the younger children possibly needing help with the instructions.

What a great gift for a birthday or Christmas present, or for an activity to keep them busy through school holidays, wet weekends etc.

Learn a new craft and enjoy!

Level of Difficulty: Easy to Intermediate

Tools Required: Sharp Scissors