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Filigree Wings (rrp $5 - save 70%)

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Image of Filigree Wings (rrp $5 - save 70%)
  • Image of Filigree Wings (rrp $5 - save 70%)

These wings are quite large, and I grabbed a big bag of each when I saw them, thinking 'papercraft, cards, hanging Xmas angels' and stuff like that. Only thing is, I think they are one sided, like as in only one side has a 'front', so if you had a wing on both sides, one would be inside out. Does that make sense?

However, notwithstanding that strangeness about them, they are still great for you creative gals out there to put one above the other arranged 'just so' -I know there's a way of having them the same way around ... actually I can't even make sense of what I'm trying to say. Or maybe you can paint them, or glitter them up. I don't know, coz I'm a beader! But at this price, you really can't go wrong, can you!

They are also really quite large, so don't buy them for little earrings and stuff! The small size measures 67mm long incl. the loop. The large size is 116mm incl. the loop.

You receive a pack of 20, in which size you choose. There are also a few that may have a loose piece on one end near the top bit, and it is supposed to be there. We will pick and choose the wings as we pack them and check them as carefully as we can, but I've noticed htere seem to be just a few in there that may be a little different to the others.

Gosh, I'm making them sound terrible (long day) but they are actually quite beautiful, I just don't want you to think of them as perfect, when I know they are not. I think you WILL be very happy with them at this price.

So go on, now close your eyes, and imagine all the ways you can put wings on your Christmas cards, decorations, fairy stuff .. ...

By the way, in case you read all the way down, I'm now stuck in Bali because my mum has had pneumonia and they won't clear her to fly. Now I ask you .. .. who actually does that? Like get pneumonia in Bali? Go mum. I can be silly about it, because she hasn't even seemed sick. Just had a really nasty cough with a flu. But then boom, it wasn't getting better, and so we took her to hospital and her breathing was clear, but there was pneumonia underneath! So I won't be flying home tomorrow, but I will definitely try and keep updating the new deals!