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Dog Clasps (save 50%)

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  • Image of Dog Clasps (save 50%)

You can use these for Keyrings, Small Dog Leads, Lanyards to wear on a cruise or at work, or attaching home decorations when you need that swivel action that the end of these clasps give you.

Each deal comes with 10 of these clasps. We find that these are very popular, and people like to update their stock, so you may as well grab them whilst on special!

They measure about 23mm long by about 10mm wide.

This style is quite small in the scheme of things, so if using for a lead, only a small dog or pet would be suitable for this strength.

So there you go - top up your stock and save 50% on 10 clasps.

Please note: New Zealand - if you order more than 4 of these packs your postage will increase to $5 which we will organise by sending you a paypal invoice for any extra.