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Cherry Blossom Cords & Kumihimo Pattern (save 40%)

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Image of Cherry Blossom Cords & Kumihimo Pattern (save 40%)
  • Image of Cherry Blossom Cords & Kumihimo Pattern (save 40%)
  • Image of Cherry Blossom Cords & Kumihimo Pattern (save 40%)
  • Image of Cherry Blossom Cords & Kumihimo Pattern (save 40%)
  • Image of Cherry Blossom Cords & Kumihimo Pattern (save 40%)

Today's deal - packs of 4 cords to make this Cherry Blossom design Kumihimo rope.

If you haven't a Kumihimo disk, you would need one. www.beadshack.com.au has 40% off at the moment for all our VIP customers. Use 14thBirthday as the code at checkout. A perfect time for you to grab your disk and bobbins.

I've been obsessing lately over making Cherry Blossom things, because the next cruise I might be tutoring on will be possibly to Japan! So I've been fiddling.

So ... I thought I would share with you - for those who purchased the Kumihimo Disk that has 64 slots (that's the easiest, but it can be done on the 32 slots also) - a way to make the cutest fine cord with flowers all the way along. The design uses 16 cords put onto the disk in a way that creates this gorgeous flower design.

I do recommend using the no tangle bobbins with this design, as the threads are so light that you need a little tiny bit of weight underneath. Also the threads are fine, so tangles are common without the bobbins. But up to you!

The best trick with this, that I found by sheer accident, was that the background thread that I used in brown, is actually thinner than the other threads, which then gave it a bit of a 3D effect. Needless to say, I'm a bit hooked on it LOL

So today I'm offering just a 3 colourway sets of the cords, because I don't have a lot of stock of the right colours. 5 sets of each colourway will be listed, so don't delay in grabbing one .... or all!

There is about 20m of each colour in the pack. The colours are in the (very quickly taken) photos. The flowers will be either light pink, hot pink (that's the one I've used in the photo of the cord) or dark blue. The other colours are the background, the centre of the flower and the 'leaf'.

You will only use about 1-2 metres for a nice long rope. But they are already wound up in 20m lots, so you will have to make some for Christmas presents!

Use the finished item for cords on handbags, clothing, jackets, little crafty purse thingys people make etc etc. Or of course, you can make friendship bracelets or beautiful necklaces.

Wait until you see my new Cherry Blossom beaded rope I'm working on. And then! I'm going to make one for a purple tree that changes colours on the blossoms. I've always known it as a 'yesterday, today, tomorrow' tree LOL But it has a proper name. I think it's something like Tibuchina or thereabouts! Let me know the correct name if you do know it. Then I know you will have been reading this far and not doing the housework.

I will include information on how to set up the design on your Kumihimo disk in with the orders.