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Boho Necklace Kit - Brand New Design (save 15%)

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Image of Boho Necklace Kit - Brand New Design (save 15%)
  • Image of Boho Necklace Kit - Brand New Design (save 15%)

Made by Kerry (from inspiration seen somewhere on Pinterest) with the instructions written by Kerry from Bead Shack, this kit contains instructions & beads, leather lace & macrame cotton - all you need to make this super modern in-vogue long Boho style necklace.

If it isn't for you, it would definitely be admired by teenagers or those relatives in your family aged from teens to about 105 years LOL. My first customer to do the class was 93 years old, with her 11 and 13 year old grandkids!

The centrepiece is about 10cm and the lace can be up to a metre; your choice. Mostly this style necklace hangs low over a woolly jumper or through summer over a simple t-shirt or blouse, or plain style dress.

The necklace weighs next to nothing, so is extremely comfortable and with the super soft genuine leather cording around your neck, it won't chafe or catch.

If you haven't macramed before, don't panic, instructions are included, and there are simplified hints in the method too. Any problems you can always reach out and email to ask!

The sample in the photo is using chocolate leather. You can have a choice of leathers, all with cream cord and beads to compliment. Choose from the drop down menu - the colour written means the colour of the leather cord.