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Amazing Toggle Clasp (rrp $5 - save 40%)

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Image of Amazing Toggle Clasp (rrp $5 - save 40%)

This is a real cutie! The key is the 'bar' of the toggle. The bar is about 23mm long. Padlock part is about 24mm long by 13mm wide. The colour is the ancient gold, which is so very popular these days.

What a pretty ending to a bracelet or necklace! Remember this tip: Always put some smaller beads on the bar end before clamping the necklace off, otherwise you won't be able to pull the bar part up through the loop of the toggle side. You will know what I mean if you've ever done it with big beads! It doesn't do up, does it!?!

I think that, if you don't make jewellery, you might be able to utilise this padlock and key on another project, for example a little box as the lock and key. Maybe you do miniatures, or you want to make it a feature on a card (you hold the key to my heart - something like that). You could always snip the loop off the back of the key if need be. Then you could glue it down.