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2 Sizes in Moon Shapes (rrp $6 - save 33%)

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Image of 2 Sizes in Moon Shapes (rrp $6 - save 33%)
  • Image of 2 Sizes in Moon Shapes (rrp $6 - save 33%)

Introducing our brand new quarter moon shaped forms. Be one of the first in Australia to get your hands on these! They are the newest craze about to hit.

This deal is for 1 x 16cm and 1 x 22cm moon forms.

You can make so many gorgeous hangers and/or mobiles with these, or of course just use the shapes for other projects, up to your imagination!

These are made from slices cut from pvc pipe from building sites, which saves them ending up in landfill. So you are helping keep the world a better place when buying these rings. (Please note, slices cut from pvc means they are flat, not rounded like it if was a formed piece of metal.)

Made in Indonesia, you are also helping create jobs for people in small villages.

The moon shapes are a lot more expensive than our traditional round dream catcher rings. There is a lot more wastage when making these, plus they have to be cut to size, then joined together using fire. A lot of work goes into them!

Where the corners are joined, there can be a little bit of separation going on in the pvc. We figure they will always be covered over with ribbon, cord, thread or string anyway, so it shouldn't impact your project at all.

I hope you like my photos. I took them on a wet rock, which I thought gave a really 'lunar' look to them!