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12mm Connectors in Gold (save 25%)

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Image of 12mm Connectors in Gold (save 25%)

These filigree connectors are quite unusual - you won't see them in many places that is, because they are old stock. I don't even know if this type of thing is made anymore and if so, the quality would not be like these!

Use them to connect other beads, findings, chains, etc on anything you are making. To connect, use a flat pair of fine pliers, and open the little loop on the outside of the bead laterally, so that you keep the strength and shape of the loop. Attach your 'whatever' and then close down the loop using the same motion, but in reverse. Repeat on the other side.

You might do this for an earring, with a smaller bead above the connector, and a larger bead below. Or use small pieces of chain to connect these and other bead links for a necklace, ...

I was packing them up for the shop wall today, and just thought wow, these are so nice! Sometimes we forget what we have and it's like a new surprise again when we rediscover it LOL

Deal is for a packet of 10, usually priced at $6, you save $1.50.